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Andrew G.

Got a ridiculously ignorant speeding ticket. Let's just say my license was revoked, twice over...... Oops. I called Mr. Richard Poormon and his absolutely fantastic paralegal Keri L. Richard was incredibly professional, polite, and very straight forward. No bull. While I did not interact a lot with Richard, he did a fabulous job handling my case.
What cannot be overstated enough is the work of Miss Keri. She felt like my personal paralegal. Informed me of everything I needed to do or know as soon as she was able. Above and beyond her job, she took to time to make me feel like my case mattered, that I wasn't just another cog in the machine.
I would absolutely recommend them for anyone, for anything legal. Even if they aren't able to handle your case, I trust their judgement to tell me who can.
I cannot thank them both enough.
Will absolutely refer them to anyone that ever asks if I know a lawyer.

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